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Colorado Civil Unions- Video

Colorado Civil Unions

Civil Unions

I first encountered Thaddeus Servantez’ work at an upscale event in Las Vegas. I was impressed with the contemporary feel of his floral arrangements, which had a bit of edge to them. Later, at a wedding of friends in Hawaii  I saw other work of his that was more traditional and but very exotic. I knew then that my partner and I would want him to do our flowers if we were ever able to marry. Colorado may yet have marriage equality,but we are ready for a civil union with all the stops pulled out. We want Thaddeus to do our flowers when we finally take the plunge this summer. We know Thaddeus will make ours a day to remember. BTW, he can handle the entire affair for you too.

-VLGH in Northern Colorado
Civil UnionsI would Like to thank VLGH in Northern Colorado for submitting this to my website. I was very flattered and thankful for the kind words! I have not touched on the topic of Civil unions in Colorado, but here at My Denver Wedding Planner we believe in equality and love. We are not here to judge but to celebrate life and the happiness it has to offer. I will diffidently cover more on this topic as it evolves but for now, VLGH has covered an important insight: My Denver Wedding Planner is here to help any and all bride and grooms to plan their wedding of a lifetime. Your happiness is our pleasure, civil unions no problem!




Planning a wedding on a budget

Low budget wedding planning ideas

Weddings have become costly nowadays. It takes $15K to $26K to have a wedding according to Brides magazine. Hence it is essential for good wedding planning.  If you plan properly you could save yourself a lot of money.  There are wedding planners available who would help guide you and cut down on the unnecessary expenses incurred on a wedding.  By planning carefully you can reduce the costs drastically.  My Denver Wedding Planner can help!

I have had several brides on a budget contact me and ask for planning tips, so here you go.  Remember there are many options available to brides and grooms and you have to find what fits in your budget.  So if a wedding planner is not an option this is for you.

Planning a low budget weddingA little careful wedding planning will have you amazed at the amount that you can actually save. Have a budget set for your wedding and prepare a list of the items that you “need” to be present at your wedding.  Then revise the list and prioritize with the most important things first, then try to remove the items that are  unnecessary and no longer a priority.  If you have a computer there are tons of websites that give out free wedding planner guidelines and checklist that you can use.  My Denver Wedding Planner offers a free wedding checklist when you visit our website.

There are many items that can help you reduce the cost of your wedding. Here are a few suggestions; Instead of a big wedding cake you can order a small one and have a sheet cake to be cut and served to your guest.  Cut the cake early in the reception, and your cake can serve as the dessert instead of other sweets being ordered.

Family and friends can be a big money saving opportunity, by asking them to contribute their talents for your wedding. In this type of wedding planning you could cut down on a lot of unnecessary expenses.  You may come across a friend who is interested in photography and is very skilled at it.  You can ask their service for the photography the day of the wedding, instead of hiring a professional photographer.  Many of your family and friends would be happy to do it if you can give them such responsibilities.  One of your uncles might be interested in recording videos.  See where this is going?

My Denver Wedding Planner also suggests having a reception on Friday night instead of Saturday, as this would cut down on lot of money. For the dinner you should offer your guests a buffet system instead of a sit-down dinner. A buffet would actually cut down the cost of the dinner.

Instead of a limousine you might choose a Cadillac or other luxury town cars for your wedding day transportation.  This way you can pay by the hour or one way service and not have to fulfill a set minimum.

You can also cut down costs on the invitations by choosing invitations that require minimum postage, and also use social media to collect your RSVP information.  You may consider printing everything on  one invitation and order less stationary for your invitations.  This would cut down a considerable cost when it comes to your invitations.

A little wedding planning and a little effort would help you to save a lot of money unnecessarily spent on your wedding. You can plan your wedding on any budget, and that is why My Denver Wedding Planner is here to help. Happy wedding!

Wedding planner checklist

Free wedding planner checklist

Planning a wedding is never an easy task.  In fact it can be very overwhelming and exhausting.  My Denver wedding planner has many tools to help ease the stress and workload from this daunting task.  Free?  That’s right free!

wedding planner checklist

Visit our website and sign up to receive our free wedding planner checklist.  This is a wedding necessity for every bride and groom planning a wedding.  This free wedding planner checklist can easily be used for many special events to organize and plan your celebration.

What is the best wedding planner checklist?

This tool is something that you will use on a regular basis, so make sure it is user friendly for your needs.  I have had many brides that come in with several different checklists that they are using for their event.  Not a good idea, even thought I get what they are trying to do.  Using different wedding planner checklists to fit different parts of their event only end up in a total disaster and over budget.  In short find the best tool for your needs and use it from beginning to end.

A wedding planner checklist will save your life!  Keep dreaming and keep planning.  Your special day is fast approaching and you now have a tool to keep you in check.

Remember you can also create other simple wedding planner checklists to help plan your engagement party, bridal shower and any other special event leading up to your special day.  Organization is the key to successfully entertaining your guests.

As always My Denver Wedding Planner would like to congratulate you on this special time in your life.  If you are in need of any service please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.  We provide many services for stress free planning.

Make sure to visit and have a look around to sign up for our free

Wedding planner checklist.

Denver Wedding Planner: How and who to hire.


Denver wedding planner

Are you in love with the dream of the perfect wedding, yet overwhelmed with all the details and responsibility put upon you to plan your dream wedding yourself, My Denver wedding planner can help.  A reliable wedding planner can help make the day you’ll always remember a wonderful experience instead of a memory of disappointment worthy of a nervous breakdown.

Wedding planners also called wedding consultants or coordinators are the bride’s right hand down to every last detail in the ceremony and reception.   They will be there from the beginning to the last guest at the reception.  The bride has the choice to give as much or as little responsibility to the planner as she desires, ultimately becoming the brides assistant.

But how do you know if you should hire a wedding planner? Here are a few examples where a wedding planner can help make your wedding day and planning a breeze.

 Denver Wedding Planner useful tips:

1.  The first and most important part of a wedding planner is to relieve as much stress from the bride and groom as possible, while still making them feel in control of the event.

2.  If you are planning on a budget, your wedding planner will be sensitive and also be capable to balance the expenses.  A good wedding planner will prioritize what needs more or less monetary attention.  Also, you will more likely go over your budget if you plan alone. Your wedding planner will not only make you stick to your prearranged budget, but also knows many vendors and can find special deals you would otherwise not be able to attain.

3.  A wedding planner will be flexible enough to accommodate your dreams for your perfect wedding.  They should have the creativity to both encourage and execute your unique ideas to create an overall theme for your event.  This is your wedding!!!  You know what will make it memorable, and your planner will help make this dream come true.  These professionals know what is and is not acceptable for a wedding ceremony and reception.  A good wedding planner will be honest and sincere with your not so great ideas such as the best man’s beer funneling contest. (LOL)  Seriously your wedding planner will always have your best interest at heart, and guide you in the right direction at all times.

4. If the ceremony is planned out of state, a planner in that area will be familiar with that locations geography and will know the best vendors for that area.

5. One of the most important qualities of your perfect wedding planner is a shared sense of taste.  Ask them what type of weddings they like and ask to see samples of their companies past events.  The right planner can narrow down choices in a certain category depending on your taste and style. For example, instead of thousands of invitations, the wedding planner will be able to weed out the obviously unsatisfactory ones and let you choose from the top three.

6. Finally, wedding planners know all the questions everyone else forgets to ask.  It is the wedding planner’s job to leave no corner untouched.

There are many online resources you can use to search for a wedding planner in your area. Remember to interview each applicant to see if they are qualified and if you both see eye to eye in your vision. Once your perfect wedding planner is hired, relax and know your big day is in good hands.   My Denver Wedding Planner will always be your best resource for the dream wedding you have always dreamed of having.  Call today!  720-263-7172.

Denver Wedding Planner






The start to your floral happiness.


Choosing wedding flowers is such an important part of the wedding planning process. There is a little work that has to be done before deciding on flowers and a florist.  My Denver wedding planner will assist you and provide very helpful information to make designing your floral decor a great success.

Since your flowers are an essential part of the wedding you should begin by preparing a budget. Do you hate that word yet, “budget”.  Anyway, when you are ready and have a budget in place, you will have a general idea what you are able to spend on floral decor. If you don’t have a budget or plan ahead you could easily end up spending far more money than you had expected.

If you haven’t already decided on a florist you may want to ask the advice of your Denver wedding planner. Also pay close attention to the recommendations of those who have recently been married. The newly married and your wedding planner will be able to offer you good advice and referrals. You can also talk to the people who are in charge of your ceremony and reception sites. These vendors often have great ideas for great florists and will recommend those they have worked closely with.

DSC_0103I always suggest you make a few visits to the florists that you are considering. When you are actually in the business you will see how the customers are treated and if the shop is well organized and ran proper. Take a good look at the flower bouquets and arrangements and notice the design and freshness of the flowers.  Can you imagine the many possibilities for your special day?

After you have met with your Denver wedding planner and have figured out how many arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages that you will need it’s time to seek pricing.  Take this information with you any time you talk to a florist about the wedding flowers, this will ensure a more accurate estimate.  Most florists will not give you an exact price as there are many factors that affect the floral and wedding industries.  This is where the expertise of your event coordinator will be handy.

SunCoast Wedding flowers2008 093Before you decide on your wedding flowers, it is recommended you visit with more than one florist. You might want to bring pictures of bouquets and arrangements that you like. Your wedding planner will also attend these meetings to make sure the theme and style remain intact and within the budget.  Also bring pictures of your dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses. All these things will be instrumental in assuring the most beautiful wedding flowers ever.

Make sure you have samples of the colors you plan to use in the wedding. This will be very helpful in choosing the colors of the flowers and coordinating the flow and harmony of your special day.  This is also a great time to ask the florist for some photos of wedding flowers they have designed in the past. Many florists keep a book of weddings and special event photos for this purpose.

R0005You also might want to consider using wedding flowers that are specific to your region and to the season in which you are getting married. This will help keep some of the cost down and your florist will not have to worry about your favorite flowers not being available.

Choose your wedding flowers thoughtfully as they are important to the overall big picture of your dream wedding.  Your wedding flowers are very important and will provide memories for years to come.

Happy planning, and remember if this is to stressful and time consuming let My Denver wedding planner negotiate and meet with your florist of choice.  Your wedding planner can design and plan with your florist to make sure your wedding day is cohesive.

Fun Facts

Brighton WeddingThe phrase “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe” symbolizes continuity, optimism for the future, borrowed happiness, fidelity, and wealth or good luck, respectively.   (Bride’s Book of Etiquette. 2002. New York, NY: Perigee Books. n.d.)

In the United States, June is the most popular month for weddings, followed by August. (Post, Peggy. 2006. Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette. New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers Inc.)

Much like the modern tradition of feeding wedding cake to one’s spouse, in ancient Rome, couples pledged their unity by sharing food. Today a Japanese bride and groom drink sake together, Jewish couples drink from the same cup of consecrated wine, and Muslim couples eat from the same piece of candy. (Lee, Vera. 1994. Something Old, Something New: What You Didn’t Know about Wedding Ceremonies, Celebrations, and Customs. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, Inc.)

Wedding rings are often placed on the third finger of the left hand because ancient Egyptians believed the vein in that hand (which the Romans called the “vein of love”) ran directly to the heart. (Bride’s Book of Etiquette. 2002. New York, NY: Perigee Books.)

The superstition that the bridegroom must not see his bride before the wedding stems from the days when marriages were arranged and the groom might never have seen the bride. There was the chance that if he saw her, he might bolt. Other sources say that to see the bride in her dress is peering into the future, which can bring bad luck. (Lee, Vera. 1994. Something Old, Something New: What You Didn’t Know about Wedding Ceremonies, Celebrations, and Customs. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, Inc.)

In the United States, there is no law or religious dictate that says the bride must take the groom’s last name. However, approximately 70% of Americans agree that a bride should change her last name. (Bermann, Jillian. “70% Say Brides Should Take Husband’s Name.” 11, 2009. Accessed: November 29, 2009.)


Read more: Wedding Traditions & Superstitions: 50 Wedding Facts & Trivia – Wedding Planning – Wedding Customs

“What I would have done was”…………………….

Denver WeddingOk!  So we all know that you have been dreaming of this day ever since you could remember, right?  So make sure to stay true to your vision and believe in your dream.  Lots of people around you will all have an opinion, but it’s just that an opinion and should no way sway your decisions.  Never turn around and run away from your dream.  External forces always surround our daily lives but this day is one of those days you can truly take by the horns and call it your own.

Denver weddings are truly breathtaking, and you will have many options and choice for your wedding.  When talking with my brides I was surprised to hear how many have had family members offer up wedding dates.  Stop hold on, who is getting married?  That’s right you are.  Your wedding date is a moment in time that will always be a reflection of the day you proclaim your love to each other and will soon become a milestone, year after year of your lives together.  The date is up to YOU!

The dress seems to be an area where most brides look for help.  If you have hired a wedding planner, make sure you have already decides on your theme and style for your special event.  Believe it or not the style of your dress is a part of your branding.  What you wear is apart of the production and you must always think of the big picture.  That being said you still have full control of what you wear.  Please don’t look for approval from everyone in your bridal party.  You’re wearing the dress.  So if you say yes to the dress, make sure you are 100% committed to your decision.

Most people’s opinions are selfish and they are only looking out for themselves.  Although we want to remain respectful to these selfish opinions there is a time and place.   Truly only when you ask for it……….  The biggest thing that will affect your celebration is your budget, and you have to listen to that $ sound.  When it come to the invite list make sure to you are heading this committee.  Every guest is coming to spend the day with you and you are paying for it, so make sure YOU want them there.

So when you hear “what I would have done”, just let it go and be respectful to their opinion. Your Denver wedding planner has your back and will make sure everything you have ever wanted in within your reach and budget.  Congratulations on taking control of your dream.

“YES!” Of Course I Will

Well the holidays have come and gone but for some of you lucky ladies the magic of the holiday still lingers on.  15% of all engagements happen in the month of December.  99% of those proposals are performed by the groom leaving only 1% to be done by the bride herself.  None the less you said “yes” and that’s when the real magic began.  You still have a long way to go before you walk down that aisle but My Denver Wedding Planner is here to make that journey to happiness and joy simply stress free.

Denver Wedding PlannerWhere do I begin you might ask, well I would run out and get a manicure to show off that gorgeous ring.  I guess you might want to let your family and close friends in on the secret first then get that mani.  On a side note, did you know that 7000 couples get married everyday in the US?  That being said your day needs to be special and sentimental to you.  Planning a special event such as your weeding day can be very time consuming and overwhelming.   You might need someone to help add that personal touch and fine tune your dream wedding ideas into reality.  Come on, it’s ok to call on a professional to help, it’s your wedding.

I recommend you first set aside some time for you and your fiancé to brainstorm and discuss what is most important to the two of you.  Before you dig too deep and dive in head first, I would defiantly set your budget.  (Staying organized will be your bestie, besides your maid of honor, so make sure to keep all your pre-planning details in a safe place).  The next big decision is your venue, as that will influence every decision you make thereafter.  Look at the big picture and stay focused on your special day, leaving the details to My Denver Wedding Planner.

Freedom from planning is the way to go, and that’s why we are here to help.  No ego involved.  We listen to your every word and stay within your budget to let the magic happen!

Congratulations on your engagement and your forever happiness with your true love!  It’s once in a lifetime, so let My Denver Wedding Planner unleash the creativity and sprinkle a little fairy dust upon your every wish.